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11th International JTEFS/BBCC Conference Sustainable Development. Culture. Education
Educational environment: seeking sustainable solutions June 3-7, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

11th International JTEFS/BBCC Conference \ Discussion club \ B2. Education focused on sustainable development and needs of modern society

Author Title of report Placement date
1 Natalia Shesterneva, Tatiana Shesterneva Education for sustainable development as a new direction for the development of education programs for children centers 1 november 2012
2 Marite Kravale-Paulina Barriers to learning in upper elementary education in Latvia: The social aspect 12 january 2013
3 Dzintra Ilisko Envisioning sustainable future: bachelor students perspectives 12 january 2013
4 Jelena Badjanova
Svetlana Ignatjeva
Holistic approach as viewed by basic school teachers in Latvia 14 january 2013
5 Magali Hardouin Teaching sustainable cities in High schools, France : Problems and aims 15 january 2013
6 Sergejs Zembkovskis The Usage of Information and Communication Technologies in Schools of Latvia 15 january 2013
7 Libertas Klimka Dimensions of Citizenship and Nationality in the Area of Comprehensive Education: Experience of the Republic of Lithuania 15 january 2013
8 Diane Pruneau Competencies favourable to take care of and improve the environment 15 january 2013
9 Tuula Keinonen Medicine education as a promoter of sustainable development: pupils perceptions of stakeholders role in medicine use 15 january 2013
10 Jelena Badjanova Musical values for education of sustainable development 15 january 2013
11 Leida Talts,
Maia Muldma
Promoting activity, safety and sustainability at school 15 january 2013
12 Ulla Harkonen Pedagogical systems theory focusing sustainability 16 january 2013
13 Veronika Artemeva Undergraduate architects attitude towards to innovations 19 january 2013
14 Ingrida Bolgzda,
Olehnovica Eridiana
Sustainability of Research Innovation of Doctoral Students of Social Sciences 26 january 2013
15 Tanja Mastnak,
Alenka Budihna
Teachers advanced education in ICT from the students perspective 26 january 2013
16 Gyula Lakatos,
Imre Karasz,
Judit Toth,
Rita Filyo
Pedagogy of sustainability in higher education in Hungary 26 january 2013
17 Tiiu Kuurme,
Gertrud Kasemaa
The views of Estonian educational specialists on the gender order and the reproduction of gender stereotypes in the school context 26 january 2013
18 Cem Guzeller,
Fatih Seker,
Ipek Som
Investigation of Student Science Achievement in Terms of Some Variables Program for International Student Assessment (Pisa 2009) 26 january 2013
19 Shankar Musafir Education for Sustainable Development - the future of Education 26 january 2013
20 Hilmi Demirkaya European Union and Russia images in Turkish secondary school geography textbooks 26 january 2013
21 Ulla Harkonen Children active participants and members now and in the future 26 january 2013
22 Monica Sakk,
Marika Veisson
Teachers beliefs about students coping at school as challenge of sustainable education 26 january 2013
23 Daina Bute The Development of Youths Artistic Communication Underthe Influence of the Development of Science and Information and Communication Technologies 28 january 2013
24 Rea Raus,
Mihkel Kangur
Developing teacher education curricula for sustainability in the context of human well-being 28 january 2013
25 Jean-Marc Akakpo Mitigate and adapt to climate change through conventional and unconventional education systems 29 january 2013
26 Irena Katane,
Edgars Katans,
Gita Vavere
Ideas of open, available and individual education for sustainable development of distance education 31 january 2013
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