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11th International JTEFS/BBCC Conference Sustainable Development. Culture. Education
Educational environment: seeking sustainable solutions June 3-7, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

11th International JTEFS/BBCC Conference \ Discussion club \ B3. Teacher education for sustainability: seeking innovative methods

Author Title of report Placement date
1 Liljana Skopinskaja Using authentic cultural materials: implications for innovation in foreign language teacher education 13 january 2013
2 Clinton Aigbavboa An Assessment of the key determinants of Building Science students satisfaction when undertaking group work: A case study of the University of Johannesburg, South Africa 16 january 2013
3 Galina Zavadska The comparative Analysis of Harmonic Hearing Development Conception by different Authors 16 january 2013
4 Crispen Bhukuvhani Developments towards Education for Sustainable Development in Science Teacher Education: Experiences and Proposed Innovative Strategies for Zimbabwe 19 january 2013
5 Murat Gokdere Evaluation of Inclusion Teachers and Their Practices: From the Perspective of Teacher Candidates 19 january 2013
6 Ahmet Bacanak Scientific Literacy Concept: From the Perspective of Science and Technology Teacher Candidates 26 january 2013
7 Adam Kiss,
Maria Szabo
Teaching renewable energies: the direct use of radiation from the Sun 26 january 2013
8 Asthildur Jonsdottir Art and sustainability: The effectiveness of place-specific education 26 january 2013
9 Asthildur Jonsdottir Understanding our cultural identities through art: Cultural sustainability, art & art education 26 january 2013
10 Robsan M. Egne Perceptions and Practices of Multicultural Education among Ethiopian Secondary Education Teacher Training Program Officials, Teacher Educators, and Prospective Teachers 26 january 2013
11 Eugeniusz Switala,
Michele Martin,
Amarella Eastmond Spencer,
Ahmad Qablan
Values and Sustainability in Modern Society: A Comparison of Sustainability-related Values held by Secondary School Teachers in Jordan, Latvia, Mexico, Poland and Seychelles 26 january 2013
12 Selcuk Uygun The gender-related role of teaching profession in Turkey 9 february 2013
13 Bayram Bicak,
Ceren Cevik
Exploring the Relationship between Academic Achievement of Prospective Teachers with PPSEP10 Scores 9 february 2013
14 Antra Balode European teachers motivation to participate in International projects 9 february 2013
15 ... ... ...

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