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11th International JTEFS/BBCC Conference Sustainable Development. Culture. Education
Educational environment: seeking sustainable solutions June 3-7, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

11th International JTEFS/BBCC Conference \ Discussion club \ C2. Sustainability-oriented professional and adult education

Author Title of report Placement date
1 Zhang Rong Findings from Students with Great Discrenpency in Learning at a Web-based Remedial Program 30 november 2012
2 Irina Malinina Implementing Web-related technologies as a way to provide students with additional incentives for learning 02 december 2012
3 Inese Barbare State Employment Agency of Latvia Training Event Evalution 12 january 2013
4 Lidija Useckiene,
Rima Bakutyte
Graduates Approach towards lecturers activity during Pedagogical University Requalification Studies 13 january 2013
5 Gundega Dambe Importance of an evaluation of an age generations differences in Ambulance personnel to create its personnel development programs, which would motivate personnels self-directed lifelong learning 15 january 2013
6 Andra Irbite Traditions and Innovations in Latvian Design Education 15 january 2013
7 Ase Bjurstrom Playing differently: Drama as enabling structure for transformative learning in Higher Education 15 january 2013
8 Ligita Grigule Sustainability Oriented Educational Approaches to the Multilingual Education Reform. The Cases from Post Soviet Space 16 january 2013
9 Jelena Laskova,
Aina Strode
Career competence of job seekers in the view of educators of further education institutions 28 january 2013
10 Lidia Smolova The experience of teaching a course of lectures on Environmental psychology at a university 30 january 2013
11 Mira Maulsharif,
Jamanbalaeva Sholpan
Value Orientations of Youth in the Context of Forming and Development of Innovative Potential of a Society 9 february 2013
12 Jeremias Herberg Education for sustainable development in learning regions an interdisciplinary challenge 9 february 2013
13 Verena Holz Cultural Studies as impulse for an Education for Sustainable Development discursive reflections and pedagogical experiences 9 february 2013
14 ... ... ...
15 ... ... ...

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